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PIC offers manufacturing & marking of coding machine, batch coder, label printer, indelible ink, election ink, packaging machine, code printing machine, hot ink roller, marker ink, stamp ink and lots more.

Company Profile

Process Instrumentation and Controls (P.I.C) is one of the fastest growing premium quality coding and batch marking solutions manufacturer in India.

Associate Companies

Our Associate companies bring to us the right balance of existing practice and expertise and also to meet the unique needs of our clients.


PIC vision is to make P.I.C a nationally and globally respected name and to focus on customer delight.


Considering the healthy market competition and amplified needs of modern customers in terms of quality, service and affordability, the robust management of P.I.C is geared to provide its customers with utmost degree of satisfaction.

Product Range

PIC serves with batch coder, label printer, indelible ink, election ink, packaging machine, code printing machine, hot ink roller, marker ink, stamp ink and lots more.

Batch Printing Machine

Electro Mechanical Contact Coder (EMCC), Electronic Rotary Contact Coder(ERCC), Electro Pneumatic Contact Coder(EPCC), Friction Driven Coding Machine(FDCM), Auto Coder, Handy Marker, Hand Held Maker , High Speed Cartons & Label , PIC Online Conveyor Cartons Coding System , PIC - Sparsh Coder

Ink Cartridges, Rollers & Stereo Types

PIC - Inking Rollers, Blister / Strip Cartridges, Inking Felt Tubes & Pads , PIC Hot Ink (Dry Ink)Roller , Grooved / Flat Stereo Types

Specialty Inks (Pad Printing, Permanent Marker & Capsule Printing Inks)

Pad Printing inks have been especially developed and adapted for quick application and drying times, and in many cases are immediately stackable.

Auto Pouch Opener

P.I.C has newly launched the “AUTO POUCH OPENER” is an economical pouch opener with Semi-Automatic Operations. This Auto Pouch Opener is a table top model, is portable (less than 15 Kgs) and uses very little air, and is extremely easy to operate.

Quality & Development Policy

Our products meet the international standards and norms for top most quality. Our various coding products are admired by numerous clients alike for their superior quality and excellent innovation.

Industries Served

Dairy Coding Ink, Marking system, Batch-Printing system, Anti-Freeze Inks, Porous Ink, Fluorescent Inks, invisible Inks, Strip Marketing Ink, Stenciling Ink, Fluorescent Inks, online contact coders, handy coders, Inking cartridges, Ink Pads, Hot-Wax Rollers, Pharma Rollers, Batch-Printing Inks and Machines, Stamping Inks, Stampers/Coders, Manual coding Machine, online coding system, Inkjet coding systems high speed stacking printing systems, Ink-Pads, double sided Tapes, Teflon Taps, Foam Taps, and Stereo types.


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