Coding Machine

Electro - Mechanical Contact Coder (PCS 3535 Emcc)

This is a reliable & versatile BATCH CODING MACHINE. This innovative system is designed with criteria of - EASY TO OPERATE, VALUE FOR MONEY - CODING SYSTEM. It operates on a micro-processor based system & is easy to learn and less complex to operate. This EMCC-3550 coder is for manufacturers/packers of packaged goods to print B.No, Dt of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information’s on various packings, containers, labels, cartons, pouches of etc. It has been specially designed to be user friendly, low maintenance, and to work on universal packaging surface. This excellent coder replaces manual roller coders, labor-intensive marking systems, self-inking coding devices and other conventional machines. It gives bigger printing area up to 50 mm and so can easily have 4-6 lines of printing on various packed goods.

Code Printing Machine   Code Printing Machine


  • Suitable for all manual & automatic coding on various packing.
  • Compact design makes it easy to install where space is limited.
  • Motorized intermittent reciprocal contact coder so no requirement of Air supply.
  • It can also be installed in various positions according to the design of parental machine.
  • It runs by foot switch, proximity switch & in-built timer operation.


Printing Size:

35 mm x 50 mm (other sizes can be manufactured on demand)

Printing Speed:

up to 100 prints/minute, or depending on machine set-up conditions.

Higher speeds are available as well.

Printing Method:

Ink transfer by flexo types Grooved / Flat stereos- 3 mm size or other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type.

Printing Media:

Anti Freeze fast drying’ liquid Ink.

Inking System:

Inking cartridge made from specially imported material to release the right amount of Ink per each impression.

Power Supply:

230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 HZ, Single phase.

Ink Charge:

5-10 ml, ink per charges, gives 10,000 to 20,000 impressions depending on size of markings

Batch Printing Machines


  “We are users of PCS code printing machine since ten years now, & are extremely satisfied with the sturdy make of the coders & almost zero maintenance coupled with excellent after sales service”  

PCScodeMr. Hari Mohan
Director of Lakshmi Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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