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PCS - Sparsh Coder

This is one of the latest innovations by PCS, by the name itself it suggests a lot about itself. “Sparsh“ means light touch. Sparsh contact coder is a small intermittent motion reciprocating contact coder with ink cartridge enclosed in its container.

  Marker Ink

Features :

PCScode   It is used to print various statutory information like B.No., Dt of Mfg., Expiry date, prices & any other information’s on various packing like tins, containers, cartons, lids, stickers, laminated flexible pouches & films, metal containers, etc
PCScode   Sparsh is a small compact intermittent motion reciprocating contact coder with Ink Cartridge enclosed in sealed container to give a constant amount of PCS Fast Drying Coding Ink.
PCScode   It is specially used for high speed coding application viz. Self Sticker labeling & Multi – track packing lines, FFS, Blister pack, Strip Pack Machine.
PCScode   Its compact design makes easy to install where space is limited, can be mounted in any angle vertical, horizontal or side mounting.
PCScode   Due to separate sealed ink cartridge, it avoids film contamination & keeps area of printing clean.
PCScode   It’s a versatile controller which consist in-built cyclic timer & five different input modules to achieve or optimize printing at speeds up to 180-200 impressions per minute with easy operation. Also runs through external inputs.

Technical Specifications:

PCScode   Printing Method: Ink transfer by flexo type grooved/flat stereos, 3 mm or any other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type & can be changed on demand.
PCScode   Printing Speed: Up to 200 Imp/Minute depending on application.
PCScode   Printing Area: 25mm X 25mm
PCScode   Ink Cartridge: PCS formulated high quality special ink cartridge is used to release the appropriate amount of ink for each impression which is easy to mount & long lasting in normal use.
PCScode   Ink Charge: 10-15 ml per charge. Gives up to 40,000 impressions per charge depending on size & speed of marking.
PCScode   Weight: Printing head 1.5 Kg, PLC-2 Kg. Dimensions: 200mm 190mm X 100mm.
PCScode   Supply Voltage: 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz.
PCScode   Compressed Air: 2 to 3 Kg/Cm²

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  “We are users of PCS code printing machine since ten years now, & are extremely satisfied with the sturdy make of the coders & almost zero maintenance coupled with excellent after sales service”  

PCScodeMr. Hari Mohan
Director of Lakshmi Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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