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It is mandatory for manufacturers of packaged goods to code information's like B.No., Dt.of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information on various packings, PCS Coding Machines are the best options for Coding on plastic, HDPE bottles,pouches, tin containers, woven sacks, paper etc. The machine is compact & consistent in printing quality. It is easy to install & operate & has rugged powder coated metal body.

High Quality Printing At High Speeds. The PCS provides high speed fully automatic labels / carton stacking batch printing system for registered batch printing on various types of labels, cartons, pouches, shrink sleeves, laminates etc..It is used to print B.No., MFG.DT, EXP.DT., M.R.P.Rs. etc. on porous & non porous surfaces.

Features:It is electro mechanical fully automatic high speed coding system. Once stacks the labels / cartons in order on sloping plane tray (Dispenser) for feeding. Its automatically PCSked up by rubber friction insert, fed to printing one by one via guide track. This system is similar to rotary letter press. Oscillating roller & dispersing an ink of even film thickness to inking roller & inking roller transfers ink to stereotype, finally image transfer to the substrate. This cycle is continuously running at high speed with clear & sharp impressions.

Fast , Reliable & Multiple Line Coding : Ideal for high speed production lines. It delivers high quality codes at production speeds of more than 200 impression / minute (250 imps / min) with multiple line code printing.

Easy, Simple, Affordable & Permanent:

  • The innovating structure has an excellent behavior in energy & cost saving.
  • Web guiding system designed to suit each operational sequence.
  • Fully automatic label / carton / pouch feeding unit with easy & quick adjustment.
  • Sharp & precise printing control
  • Totally enclosed construction with parts of S.S. & sintered bronze for long life operation of coder.

Prints On

PCScode   All types of labels & cartons
PCScode   PVC SHRINK SLEEVES, LDPE, HDPE, PP, POLYSTER POUCHES & BAGS. (depends on size, thickness of film ,so advisable trial to meet exact requirement)
PCScode   Boil & retort pouch
PCScode   Surgical goods pouches
PCScode   Ice candy pouches
PCScode   Tea, snacks, sPCSes namkeens pouches etc…

Application Offers:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive parts
  • Healthcare products
  • Pulp & Paper & many more...

Specification :

Coder Model HSLC- 200 HSCC- 300
Substrate Labels / Pouches* Cartons
Substrate size Max. 204 mm x 154 mm Max. 280 mm x 305 mm
Substrate size Min. 50 mm x 16 mm Min. 38 mm x 102 mm
Supply Voltage 3Ø 440 V ac ± 10 %, 180 W 3Ø 440 V ac ± 10 %, 180 W
Printing Area 6 to 8 lines ( 57 x 200 mm) 6 to 8 Lines ( 45 x 45 mm)
Printing Speed 125 / 180/ 250 imprints/ min. 100/150/200 imprints/ min.
Prints using Easily Changeable grooved/ flat, rubber/ nylon stereos Easily Changeable grooved/ flat, rubber/ nylon stereos
Inking Medium Rechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ lapping roller for paste Rechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ Lapping roller for paste
Printing Medium Quick drying ink/ Paste (Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.) Quick drying ink/ Paste (Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.)
Impressions 15,000imp. per 20 ml. charge / 10,000 per 10 gms. Paste 15,000imp.per 20mlcharge / 10,000 per 10 gms. Paste
Geared Motor 400/ 440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P.136 RPM geared head motor 400/ 440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P. 136 RPM geared head motor
Weight 85 Kgs (Approx.) 120 Kgs (Approx.)

Batch Printing Machines


  “We are users of PCS code printing machine since ten years now, & are extremely satisfied with the sturdy make of the coders & almost zero maintenance coupled with excellent after sales service”  

PCScodeMr. Hari Mohan
Director of Lakshmi Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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