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PCS Pad Printing Ink

As you are aware that “Pad Printing” is an indirect method of printing, a combination of offset amp; gravure printing process. Plate system is like gravure amp; printing system is like offset. In gravure printing, design is etched on a roller whereas in pad printing, flat plate carries an image. A rubber blanket, in offset process, PCSks up image from the plate amp; transfer it on the substrate. Similarly a solid mass of rubber called pad, PCSks up ink from the etched plate amp; prints on the substrate hence the process is known as pad printing.

Hot Ink Roller   Marker Ink   Stamp Ink

being printed with a single re-usable ink type. These quick drying inks are easy to work with, & are very resistant to abrasion & chemicals. Two component inks are used where there is a need for high wear resistance & durability. These inks take several hours to cure, but this process can be speeded up by heat treatment after printing. Glass Inks, for example only require heat treatment in a standard domestic oven to affect a full dishwasher proof cure. With minimal Set-up costs, Pad Printing is a very economic way to print, mark or decorate. It is one of the few economic methods of printing Company Names, Logos & Advertising onto a wide range of products.

PCS Pad Printing Ink Advantages

  • Gives sharp print quality - Perfect registration multicolor printing
  • Pad printing machine has high speed & PCS Pad printing ink is very precise.
  • Low ink consumption as it has very high mileage
  • Wet on wet multi-color printing
  • Fast drying quality ink of PCS pad printing ink
  • PCS Pad printing ink has superior adhesion & gives bright clear impressions.

P.C.S- Permanent Marker Ink

  Marker Ink

PCS’s advance technology formulation of ink production has been utilized for manufacturing of our top quality permanent maker ink. It is a solvent based ink & has vast applications in various industries & also for consumer marker pen usage. This permanent marker ink has best color-fastness & also has the most important Safe-dry characteristic which is very vital for marker pen usage.


PCS maintains strict quality checks for all its products including this excellent permanent marking ink, which is also exported to numerous overseas destinations. Every batch has highly exceptional product features & may differ to required customized requirements to a varying degree in physical appearance, powder size, pH of 1% solution, etc.

For the specialized colors & shades of the marker ink, PCS has developed an in-house testing procedure, which allows each batch to be accurately matched with standards for shade & color strength. This distinctive permanent marking ink is developed at PCS’s new production & R&D centre. This center is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments & application development facilities which means that we are able to respond that much quicker to the need of the market. Available in 50 ML, 250ML& 500ML & one Liter & is available in five basic colors like Red, Blue, Black, Green & Violet.

PCS – Capsule Printing Inks (Edible)

  Batch Coder
Batch Coder

PCS’s constant endeavors to research amp; most customer specific requirement has resulted in manufacture of a wide range of capsule printing ink. The edible capsule inks are suitable for the regular gelatin capsules & also for variants of the Cellulose capsules. PCS Capsule printing ink is introduced in variants as part of PCS’s niche products. PCS’s facility of dedicated manufacturing lines adopts stringent procedures to manufacture the specialized capsule printing inks. For complete quality control, each of PCS’s manufacturing line is housed as an independent unit to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. THE PCS EDIBLE CAPSULE PRINTING INKS ARE AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS COLORS FOR MANUAL / AUTOMATIC MARKING ON CAPSULES


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  “We are users of PCS code printing machine since ten years now, & are extremely satisfied with the sturdy make of the coders & almost zero maintenance coupled with excellent after sales service”  

PCScodeMr. Hari Mohan
Director of Lakshmi Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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